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    Expect the      
    We put our hearts and souls in making each project a success.
    We create the best it can be.
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    Solutions for everyone!
    We have a proud record of providing a wide variety of IT solutions.
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    We are highly
    We have been able to grow not only by being open
    to our clients. We are self-motivated and have
    high performance standards set for ourselves.

Welcome! We are the Nexus

We create awesome products for your business!

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What We Do

How do we approach a problem?
Web and related services

We have years of experience in making basic to higly sophisticated websites. We also provide related services such as:

  1. Domain Registration
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Company Emails
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Software Development

We develop all sorts of web/desktop software using assorted technologies. Nexus IT is specialized in developing tailored software as per the need of the clients. Our past and ongoing projects include basic web applications to specialized solutions such as data analytics and engineering software.

Mobile Solutions

Throughout our varied projects we have developed multiple mobile applications. We can develop mobile applications from scratch as well as transform your web application to mobile version.

New ideas?

We are always open to new kinds of projects. If discussed and explained adequately, we are more than willing to research, develop, and deliver the solution to you. Our team of hybrid programmers and keen researches are fully competent in handling novel situations.

Marketing and Corporate Branding

Our marketing services include SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. We don’t stop here as one of our major services includes Corporate Branding. We can tailor-make logos, icons, corporate identity designs, and company style guides for you.

Our Skillset

  • 100%

    Web Solutions

    Web solutions are probably our best strength.
  • 80%

    Mobile Solutions

    We can develop and deploy mobile apps in multiple platforms.
  • 75%

    Specialized Solutions

    We have completed some advanced specialized software solutions.
  • 90%

    Marketing Solutions

    We can take your brand to the next level with our marketing solutions.

Why Choose Us

Although we have been in business for years now, we still consider ourselves a startup. We are learning and growing everyday. Thus, our customers can expect their projects to be completed with full freedom and flexibility. Furthermore, our company is composed of fresh talents who are familiar with modern technology, and skills required to give up to the mark service delivered within the expected time frame.

What You Get

We devote much time in understanding you and your business. Our products are hence made for your exact needs. We won't give you a chance to complain about your projects and or us.

Collaboration with Nexus

Over the years, we have collaborated and incubated with multiple organizations for common good. Instead of being a client, if you are interested in collaborating with us, we will definitely consider a collaboration proposal that syncs with our vision and mission.

Our Clients